Topps Project100 Card 74 - Roger Clemens by Elbo - Artist Signed Artist Proof Edition

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Artist Proof Edition autographed by Elbo and numbered to 20. Deluxe Edition Parallel numbered to 100. Base Edition limited to 3,999.

Artist Proof Edition Foil Printing:

• Artist Proof Edition features foil ribbon and background.

• /100 Parallel Card features rainbow foil background and outer border.

• Base Edition features foil ribbon and background.

Art by Elbo

Most notable for his functional glass work, Elbo transcends functionality and glass by creating original characters that represent relationships in his life. Over the past decade he has explored many different ways of integrating his original dinosaur designs into not only glass but many other mediums.

About Topps Project100

Topps is handing over the creative reigns to 20 world-class artists to create official MLB Topps trading cards! Topps Project100 invites fans to collect a 100 card checklist released on across Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons (25 cards per season). We've carefully built Project100 to offer collectors our most focused and premium art project to date. Stunning foil technology will take artwork to new heights, limited quantities will leave fans wanting more, and a carefully curated checklist will offer a balanced variety of Baseball's biggest names. Learn more about Topps Project100